Text Box: Want to Save Water AND Have a Healthy, Rich Green Lawn?
Get your lawns aerated by the company with experience!

Amazing water saving lawn service cuts water bills and grows deeper roots!                                                                        


Text Box: Will drought affect your lawn? What will happen if you can only water once a week? Aerating can save your lawn!Aerating makes lawn roots grow deeper, creating a drought-resistant lawn. Since water is so expensive, you should aerate every 6 months.

Call Fairway Lawn Service at the number below to schedule your lawns for aerating:

Call 1-800-497-4075

FREE ROOT-STIMULATING FERTILIZER will be applied at no cost!

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Aerating Rates (includes FREE FERTILIZER): $59 min (covers up to 1000 sq’)                                                                                  

Fairway has been aerating lawns for 37 years                                                   + 3.5 cents per sq’ if > 1000 sq                                                                                

You must water prior to aerating service                                                           +2.5 cents per sq’ if > 2000 sq’                                                                                 

Tell a friend to call, and you’ll get your service for free! (after first paid service)

You do not need to be home for service. We are animal-friendly and we will secure your gates.

Our contractor will leave an invoice, so you have time to look over the job before you pay.